Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A night at the opera

Yesterday after spending most of the day in class, I rushed home (well... walked at a good clip) and ate supper and got all dandied up in about three minutes for the opera. I had bought the ticket the day before with the special culture card for students that lets us get in anywhere for no more than 5,5 euros - provided there are places left. The opera was playing in le Théatre Vaillant, which is three minutes' walking distance. Extremely convenient!

My seat was in the third balcony. Maybe that explains why it got a little warm near the end. The only other problem was that, if I sit correctly in the seat, I'm just a little too short for my feet to rest on the 'floor', so near the end of two-and-a-half hours my knees were starting to tell me about it.

The opera was Eugene Oneguine, by Tchaichovsky, here's a little description in Sorry, my Google page is automaticcaly I will leave it to you to translate or find the English or do what you like. The story was a little stupid, like all operas, but then that's just my personal opinion; and then it was a lot simpler than the storyline of Carmen, so it will stick in the memory better. The music was quite beautiful, but then what else would you expect - it's Tchaichovsky.

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