Friday, May 19, 2006

Beloved Friday

I was thinking about going to Paris this weekend (doesn't that sound great?.... 'oh, maybe I'll run up to Paris on Saturday'), but changed my mind just a few hours after a friend lent me the metro map. Just too tired. Every evening has been occupied: opera, Bible study, cinema, tonight a baroque concert that I very much want to attend, and I just don't feel like getting to bed around midnight and getting up before 5 a.m. to get ready and take the train.

Important notice: tomorrow Ardith moves to her new house! Everyone should wish her a happy moving day. My family will be heading down to help her out, so she'll have her own personal moving van and her own personal crew of workers to cart all those millions of books and DVDs she's collected.

Oh, my brothers and sisters will never believe this, but just guess what I ran into on television last Saturday night! I'll give you all weekend, unless of course I happen to wake up before noon tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

*raises eyebrow* Guy Lombardo? Or did the fact that you watched it on a Saturday night have nothing to do with it?


Ardith said...

Now, what I would be most amused at, is if you found the Red Green Show on French television.

However, that's highly unlikely.

*gives up early*

Thainamu said...

I hope Ma will have her camera there for moving day so we can see some photos of the new house.

votre chère maman said...

I was wondering about Red Green, too. But Maybe Lawrence Welk is more....mmmm...continental.

Concerning the camera and Ardith:
I have wiped my card clean and charged up the battery, so theoretically, I could take hundres of pictures :-D

votre chère maman said...

Or just depends.

Sharon said...

I don't know, I think 'hundres' of pictures would be much more interesting, provided we can see them.

Man, y'all are wrong wrong wrong in regards to the show. Yeah, too bad it wasn't Red Green, Ardith - that would be the shock of the century.

Apparently police and crime shows are popular enough that they brought in F.B.I. (Eye). It's really funny to watch a PAX-style crime show (on the FBI, no less) with French voices attempting to put the already slightly lame and very typically American script into their language... the voices usually run on past the mouths. Jokes just aren't the same. It was the episode on (major plot) Billy and (subplot) Mr. Northwestern who was courting Lucy's mother. Too bad I had to go to bed and miss the 10 p.m. episode. But it made me laugh. :)