Friday, May 12, 2006


Oh, I bet you thought I was finally going to tell about spring break, didn't you? Actually the title is just to inform you that Friday about 25 minutes before class isn't the time to tell you about a week's worth of vacation, and I won't be here Saturday or Sunday. However, good news: I just realized how I can paste from an editor into here. In Edit HTML mode, not Compose mode. I guess that's the most obvious thing in the world, but hey - still a victory. Now if I want to post something extremely long or complicated, I can type it at home and post it whenever. How great is that!

Bon week-end, tout le monde!


votre chère (cool) maman said...

Ma chère, when someone like you or moi (not schooled in techiness) figures something out for ourselves--no matter how obvious it may seem to others--it is not only a technical victory, but a grand moral victory as well.

And then, it's just---so---cool.

Sharon said...

I am so with you there, ma chère et très cool maman.

(Oui, tu peux dire 'cool', c'est très courant en français aujourd'hui!)

votre chère maman said...

Ah, c'est bon, c'est bon.