Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wednesday's headlines

Just to make you think there's something exciting in this post.

I think the French post yesterday worked pretty well, don't you? I skimmed the Babel Fish translation, which was accurate enough. No need to translate it myself, unless someone objects. Sorry, it was a hasty post and there were a few mistakes which prevented complete (more or less) translation (e.g. aujour'dhui - très mal!).

Isn't this super? Now I can post in French whenever I want. But we'll take today off.

Today's courses are Oral Comprehension and Stylistics. In O.E., we watch a brief news clip and try to write down every word (multiple playings, of course) - for three or four different clips. Then a longer segment where we must answer given questions, often looking for a particular word. I don't know which is more difficult, but I prefer the first; the second requires almost more attention, and isn't easy when you feel tired or sleepy... which occasionally happens in these darling little prefabricated buildings with primitive ventilation systems. You come in cold, soon warm up, eventually become quite warm, then the only way to cool off is to let in some frigid air through the windows. This is why everyone should have a little jolt of caffeine first.

Stylistics presents the differences between the spoken and written language. French has several different 'levels' or sub-languages, for example slang, standard, and literary. Very interesting. Revealing for conversation vs. written expression in any language.

And then tonight Brian (a George Fox student with our program) and I may try to take the bus and track down the Christian student get-together tonight... if it isn't snowing again, or all iced over. May the spring come quickly!

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