Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Breaking the law on Sunday [updated]

Sunday I went to church (what a shock). Afterwards mostly everyone stayed to talk a good half-hour or hour, as usual, and just like home. A group of church members was going out to eat at Flunch and they invited me to come along. I think it was partly in honor of Matt, an Iowan who has been here working for John Deere during the past two years, and who is leaving next week.

After a leisurely lunch, we headed back to the church (I was informed of what was happening about halfway through each stage), where finally everyone congregated to have coffee and tea and give Matt his going-away presents. Most of us ended up staying till about 6 p.m., talking and playing games and listening to Matt's new CD and looking through a book with pictures of France, his other present.

Sadly, Matt has to leave his BMW behind. So we were forced to take it out for a spin to make sure it was in selling condition. I came out to watch and they convinced me to get in. Jérémie was driving... he took us out on the interstate and up to 220 kilometers per hour... I could see the speedometer... you can make the calculations, but mine come out to about 137.5 miles per hour. Whew! It was pretty fun, especially since I don't have anything on my conscience 'cause I was a victim of circumstances, naturally.


Maybe I should explain that I had no idea these other young people planned to drive that fast. I was under the impression that it would be a short, normal ride to enjoy a nice car. I was safely sandwiched between two girls in the back seat. And they were wrong to speed. And if anyone has any questions, concerns, or criticisms, feel free to level them at me.


Thainamu said...

You're actually telling your mom that you were out driving around at 137 mph? And that it was fun??

Sharon said...

Of course!

MoM said...

It is easier to tell her such things via blog. Face to face it might be slightly harder. Hopefully it was a chance in a life time....that will now be least not to soon. Praying for you time in France.

MoM said...

I meant NOT not now be repeated....oh the slip of the fingers.