Monday, March 20, 2006

Almost live

Saturday I was wandering through a museum when shouts and drum beats came to my ears. So much for the museum. I went and got my camera to take the following pictures of the demonstration against the CPE, 18/3/06 (that date is French). Sorry I don't have the time to dream up an exciting commentary!

These four photos are at la Place de la Libération.

These two at la Place Saint-Michel. (I was trying to get around behind so I could cut across some back streets and take other pictures)

These two are of the oncoming horde down la Rue de la Liberté, a main street through the city center. (see, I got around them!)

And I went up to the second floor of H&M just to get this slightly better view for you, oh, and this one too.

And one more from the street.

I also took some video with sound, which I'll try to make available soon... if I can figure out how.


votre chère maman said...

Sharon Hoyt--intrepid international reporter :-D

(glad you're not in Paris)

Sharon said...

Too bad, some of the photos turned out small. Maybe those were accidental shots before the videos.