Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bonne dimanche

Internet on Sunday, I'm really getting spoiled.

I hear it's cold back in dear old Iowa. Over here, spring is trying to rain its way in. Sounds like it will rain all through my month of March. Oh well, for spring, I'll forgive the weather. Anyway I have an umbrella.

Whenever I try to watch the Olympics, all they're covering is skiing and hockey. It was so riveting last night that I finished half my homework for this week.

You know, one would guess that the French are generally reserved, but it's not true. Especially in sports. Especially the cast covering the Olympics. I WISH you could have heard those two announcers screaming in excitement yesterday afternoon! Oh, what do you know, the skiier who won gold was French...

That's enough English for today.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa.At least we know he is in a better place. Take care!

Anonymous said...

just dropping by to say hello. we've actually been having poetry club this semester, which has been good. plus, another poetry slam awaits us after spring break. why does the spring semester always seem less busy? -laura

Sharon said...

Sarah, thank you.

Laura, good to hear poetry club is humming along. The spring semester just seems longer, I think. Either that, or everyone's happy because spring's coming!