Monday, February 27, 2006

Back to school

Vacation is over for the elementary and high school students, and for most college students (except we lucky ones in the CIEF program who get the campus to ourselves at the beginning of the year). I almost feel like I'm in school again too, after two weeks... at last some homework, just enough to polish off in a few hours each week. For once maybe I'll keep my resolution to stay ahead of the semester's workload. And have Sundays off?

By the way, you'll be kind enough to notice that the time zone on this blog is now correct.

Believe it or not, today marks the 29th day and beginning of the 2nd month in France. One down, about three to go. After the Study Abroad Briefing class, I was expecting all kinds of struggles just to survive in a different country. Let me list my trials for you. I live in a historic and semi-quiet part of the city center, where I can easily walk to nearly all the stores, the cinema and theater, and to the university each day. There's a good church to attend and someone to pick me up each week. There's a Bible study / student get-together for a small group of students every Wednesday night. Free museums to see. A kind and supporting family to stay with. Lots of good food. Good professors, friends in classes, one or two other Americans for moral support. And an Internet connection. :) Thank the Lord for all His blessings.


Ardith said...

That's it. Now I am jealous. If I tried walking to the movie theater, I'd get mowed down by the traffic on Edgewood. And then by the traffic on Williams. And possibly the traffic on 16th Ave.

On the other hand, I really wouldn't be walking to the movie theater in December anyway.

Sharon said...

But Ardith, it's not December, it's almost March!

I'm sure you could walk to the movie theater. You just wouldn't have many fellow walkers for moral support along the way. Too bad, it is fun to walk everywhere here.

Ardith said...

Woah. Did I really say it was December?

I've reached all new heights of Time Displacement Disorder...

Sharon said...

Oh good, a new medical condition for me to research.