Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Teamwork with a capital T

The point to a big family is more people to do more things!

Today Mommy successfully turned her Gazillion+ Christmas letters over to the post office, helping to increase the general United States Postal Service business; and we can always hope it will force a little regret over that 2 cent hike coming soon to a town near all of us fortunate beings. She did all the long, slow, tediously creative work of writing and editing; the rest of us pitched in at the end to fold, stuff, stamp, label, and seal, and otherwise get the envelopes ready to be torn open in about three or four days.

Today's other accomplishment was Christmas Cookie Baking. Sister number two was allegedly in charge of said operation, but only mixed up three of the doughs - peppernut, gingersnap, and Chinese Chews - the rest was turned over to skilled and willing younger siblings. Ethan, Carolyn, Trevor, and Nolan (in order of contribution) rolled and baked the gingersnaps. Melinda mixed up sugar cookie dough and also pulled off the fudge. Derek and Ethan rolled, cut, and baked peppernuts. Everyone helped roll and sugar the Chinese Chews, even Jason, who managed to arrive late from a programming appointment and then turn his share over to Carolyn after about 8 balls. Although we shouldn't be too mad at him since he's happily appropriating the entire burnt first batch of gingersnaps as his personal snack property. Kendra rolled sugar cookie dough and oversaw the cutting and baking. Carolyn, Nolan, Trevor, Melinda, and Ethan (again in order of contribution) frosted the sugar cookies.

Mostly everyone helped taste-test. In fact, everyone did!

This is why big families are so much fun. And it doesn't make any difference that in a smaller family the Christmas letter would have been only 1 page instead of 4 and the quantity of Christmas cookies decreased by at least 90%. It still would have been necessary to send the letter to the Gazillion+ people and to bake at least four kinds of cookies and make fudge. So why not have a houseful to multiply the fun?

Hooray! I made the goal... I didn't use any first-person singular personal pronouns or adjectives till this sentence.


votre chère maman said...

I shall risk appearing ingnorant to ask,
exactly what is meant by "pulling off the fudge?"

Sharon said...

Oh... maybe I didn't apply that idiom very well. "Pulling something off" means completing it successfully, doesn't it?

Thainamu said...

My family isn't all that big these days, but I've certainly done my share of baking cookies and making truffles this season. For instance, I baked sugar cookies, made gobs of frosting, separated it into little bowls, colored each bowl a different color, put the fosting into icing tubes for sqirting into cute designs--all this for the college-age+ singles party tonight. You don't have to be a kid to have fun with Christmas cookies.