Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas, Part Two

Otherwise titled: How to Celebrate Christmas!

As has become tradition in our family, part of the holiday - Christmas Eve - was spent working. Mommy and Carolyn cleaned the church up the road. Daddy and Jason continued boarding up the garage. I made bread and put up some insulation in the second-floor addition. The rest must have spent the day bumming around, including Ardith, who drove up from Cedar Rapids to grace us with her presence, her laptop, her cynical comments, and a glaring lack of presents. (Fortunately for her, the beautiful music emanating from my computer and the fact that she'll be around several more days renders me incapable of coming up with more negative remarks.)

Today we celebrated Christmas by not working. Most of us got up late. Those the cold has not yet visited and those the cold has visited-and-left attended the one morning service held at church today. In the afternoon we opened Christmas presents, and in the early evening (5:30) sat down to a delicious Christmas dinner, then watched White Christmas, which Mommy had taped earlier.

That beautiful music I mentioned is Handel's Water Music... one of ten Baroque CDs ma chère maman gave me for Christmas. Wish you were here to hear it.

Merry Christmas!

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