Sunday, December 11, 2005

In no particular news

I was folding my laundry from last Monday and decided that while so incredibly motivated I should post. Not that I have anything much to say.

Three finals: Calculus and Healthy Lifestyles tomorrow, Old Testament Tuesday night - all moderately easy. Wednesday will be last work, packing, cleaning, and fun. Thursday move out and leave sometime around 1 p.m.

My brother will be pleased to note that I refused to see one because I'm coming home for it, and refused to watch 2, even though I had the chance, knowing my incredible restraint would increase his chances of successful Christmas plans, and deciding to practice incredible restraint because I'm such a wonderful sister. My brother will also know which one he is after successfully deciphering this perfectly clear comment, as I'm sure several other sharp persons will make sure he does.

Free time to do whatever I want is truly a marvel. Here's my free Christmas advice to you all. Leave a little time each day to do absolutely nothing. It's extremely refreshing.


votre chère maman said...

"I was folding my laundry from last Monday...."

*checks date*

*is alarmed*

Thainamu said...

I wonder if anyone has actually died from wearing clothes that weren't folded?

Sharon said...

I never wore anything unfolded! All the folded clothes had to be hung over the bed to dry anyway. But it's so easy to grab a pair of socks from the basket every morning... much easier than bothering to put them away.

And everything was clean.