Saturday, June 29, 2013

just another Friday night

I realize I am supposed to finish the Dunes story, but that is a bit long to tackle tonight, and you surely don't want to wait a couple more days for any blog post at all, right?

Today when I walked out of work on Friday I felt a great sense of accomplishment. I had met my deadline, cleaned up some of my email, and the week before I had been notified that I was getting another raise. So, I decided to go shopping!

Often I dread clothes shopping because it takes so much time, with not a lot of return. But this time I was blessed to pick up several useful items, including...  .... MY FIRST PAIR OF NEW BLUE JEANS EVER BOUGHT WITH MY OWN MONEY. I know that is just ridiculous. But I have never found new jeans I liked even though I have tried tons of kinds. Most of the ones I have found up until now have been from Goodwill, because that at least has a wider range of styles and sizes which might actually fit. And one pair of "black" jeans from JCPenny's. And I did have one brand-new pair of jeans a long time ago but that was a gift to me after the WalMart bleach spilled down the jeans I had. That was probably when I was 13 or so... can't remember. Anyway, this is a pair of Levi's! I didn't even realize it when I bought them. They weren't even where they were supposed to be I don't think, but I noticed they were my size and also Short, and I thought, "ooo, I was about to walk out of the store but let's try these."

Then when I was in the checkout line, a nice man behind me gave me his 30% off coupon which he said he wasn't using (? go figure) and even got them to give me credit towards my next purchase... Basically he was very nice. So it was a rather pleasant trip to the store. I did leave my necklace in the dressing room by accident, but when I got home and realized, I called them and they found it for me. Don't let me forget to go pick that up tomorrow.

Have a happy weekend!!


Anonymous said...

This is probably to late since it is Monday, but have you picked up your necklace yet?


Sharon said...

Oh thanks Ethan! Yes I did... I went and got it the next afternoon. Appreciate the reminder though. :)