Friday, June 21, 2013

adventures with Sharon on a Friday evening

Hi kids!

Sorry, it's Friday night you know... and even if some of you are not kids, I can't help it, it's the big sister coming out in me.

So I am sitting here at my lovely Lenovo with my SUPER COOL Logitech wireless mouse! It has only taken me about 3 years to get a wireless mouse... Not too bad. It feels very nice to not be using that little red dot or the not-quite-specific-enough touchpad.

This evening after I got home from work and errands (errands such as picking up my super cool new mouse!), I went out for a quick run. Well while I was running out through the tree farm on my way to run, I ran right through a little patch of insects! And they started swarming all around my head and flying above me as I ran on! At first I thought they were just a pack of annoying gnats or flies. Then I looked up and they were bigger! but not big enough to be real bees or wasps! And they would not leave when I swatted at them, and I started sprinting to try to outrun them, but I couldn't! And then terrified I thought that they must be some kind of mini killer-bee that would start stinging welts all over my face and I would suddenly find I was allergic as my body violently reacted and my throat closed up and I fell to the ground... Somehow I kept running even though they stayed with me. My last desperate thought was that I could run back to the house and grab some bug spray and spray them till they fell out of the air dead. And then, I realized they were no longer with me. Maybe they read my mind? At any rate it was quite a horrific experience and I made sure to avoid that whole area when returning. I do not usually get to start my runs out with sprints, guess it was a nice change of pace. No that was not a pun! Come on, you know I do not say this stuff intentionally.

Well, this has been another episode of Adventures with Sharon. Tomorrow we are planning a beach day, so I should have plenty to tell you about that afterward, like how it was to hang out in the sun for the first 30 minutes, then the next 30 minutes, then the next 30 minutes... And also hopefully swimming (trying to keep learning anyway) and running up and down the dunes till we fall over gasping in the sand. :)

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