Friday, July 05, 2013

4th of July weekend...

Hi guys! Sorry. The slacker blogger finally updates. I am not doing very well at keeping this up! Not from lack of desire, just from the busy-ness of life. Even now as I sit here my fingers are still damp from washing dishes, after a morning of booking a flight to California (next work trip) and running errands and cleaning the house in preparation for Kendra coming! and even I am trying to stuff down some healthy food before going next door to help with wedding prep. 'Cause our super good friend Elisabeth is getting married tomorrow! And I am a bridesmaid so I should help. Plus a good friend and next-door neighbor so I want to. :)

Yesterday was July 4th as I'm sure you know. I confess I didn't spend the WHOLE day in patriotic celebration, I spent some time in the morning practicing hairstyles and sandal tying with another bridesmaid. You may ask yourself "sandal tying?!?"  Well for the wedding we got these sandals that have the foot part and then several loops for a long ribbon, which you can tie through the loops different ways for different styles. The ribbons are pretty long and there are a LOT of different styles so we had to find one that we liked, that looked good with the dress, that felt good on our feet and wouldn't let the sandals fall off. We were successful after just 3 tries. Then I can't remember what I did all afternoon... Oh, I took a walk, and researched lots of different flight options so I could get the best one today. Different airports to fly in and out of, different times, different prices... complicated! Then I made some brownies and drove up to Goshen (stopping to pick up potato salad on the way) to hang out with Uncle Doug and Aunt Cindy and a couple of the cousins and a couple of the first-cousins-once-removed (otherwise known as FCORs). I did my best to explain this term to them (the once-removed ones, who incidentally are all 12 or under) and they mostly had it by the end of the evening. Had grilled corn on the cob for the first time ever! Cut mine off of course. After dinner and a game of Apples to Apples, in which my 12-year-old FCOR won, we went out to the driveway to set off some fireworks! Josh said that some of them were illegal but some of us were slightly doubtful he could have just walked into WalMart and bought illegal fireworks. They were all very fun... I set off a couple too. Some of the neighbors stopped over to help us.

And then I drove back to Warsaw and decided that 60 miles left on my tank of gas was plenty to leave that chore over until today. There were a lot of fireworks to see on the way home.

And then I watched part of a movie at 11:30 before going to bed because you know on these holiday times you can't just go to bed right away!

Well I hope you all had a good 4th of July, thanking God for the country we have to live in, and I hope you keep enjoying the weekend! Stay tuned for more wedding weekend updates. :)

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