Wednesday, June 19, 2013

everyday pain and other everyday stuff

Well as usual I forgot to remember to update my blog until bedtime!  But I will write a few lines anyway.

10:30 is the new bedtime. I made an effort to get some sleep once I got sick, and I got so high on the euphoric morning rested feeling that now I have to keep it up... :)

It has been a normal week I guess. Work all day, errands and housekeeping and stuff in the evening. Today I cooked for the first time in probably weeks. What was on the menu, you ask?? Well, it was quite gourmet! Bacon and asparagus! which I made enough of to share with Stacey. And tomato and corn tortilla. And I had found this little 2-pack of chocolate pie at the grocery store on Sunday so we had that for dessert.

There is nothing like cooking food and doing dishes and having a piano in the house to make you feel like you have a home!

I burned my pinky finger while cooking the bacon. Did you know that hot water is not really soothing to a burn? As I found out while I was doing the dishes. But I toughed it out and eventually my finger got used to it and the pain became less searing and less long-lasting. These small actions of bravely surmounting difficulties, of whatever size, are the stuff that truly tough people are made of. Don't you think?

Hope everyone has a Thrilling Thursday tomorrow!! (and I know you think that sounds like a name I made up, but that is not my name for it, I got it from a colleague!)

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