Saturday, June 08, 2013

a very short history of the week

My dear darling beloved readers,

Well that was just about too sappy for you to want me to actually write you an update on my adventures, right?? hee hee!  I do apologize for the extreme lag between last post and this one.

Since it's almost midnight and we will of course get up for church in the morning, I thought I would just send you a brief overview of the week's activities for now (so you can be really impressed with how much I have done this week) and then next time I would like to send you the story of the Tuesday baseball game!

Saturday morning - Landed in Philly... drove to Jeremy & Lillian's house, in bed before 3am.
Saturday - A bit later in the morning, got up, enjoyed a nice leisurely late breakfast of eggs, toast, and BACON with J&L before driving off to Uncle Sherwood and Aunt Sharon's house, where I spent the rest of the day, including a yummy cookout and the movie Midnight in Paris.
Sunday - Got up and went to church; came home and chatted and relaxed and napped, then went to the house of my colleague/friend and had dinner and playtime with his family. Then drove to hotel in downtown Philly.
Monday - Got up and drove to Princeton NJ for 2 days of meeting. In meeting till 6:30. Went to dinner with colleagues. Then stayed up late!
Tuesday - Got up for Day 2 of meeting. Miraculously able to leave by 5. Drove back to Philly for the Big Major League Baseball Game!!! Very exciting. Story to come. Then back to aforementioned downtown Philly hotel.
Wednesday - Finally got a bit of sleep. Worked! Went to lunch. Went to afternoon meeting. Worked some more. Walked down the street to dinner on a boat. Hung out with colleagues there for dinner and dessert and THEN went up a few streets to have some really truly Philly cheesesteaks. And then back to the hotel and bed.
Thursday - Worked. Had lunch. Worked more. (I was supposed to be attending a conference but work was more critical).  Went to a specially arranged dinner at a museum with all the conference people. Got back to hotel, finally had a chance to move a little bit, by taking a nice walk with a friend and chatting. Went to bed.
Friday - Worked! Checked out of hotel room. Attended very last session of conference (!). Worked a bit more. Went and got lunch. Drove to Jeremy & Lillian's house for some more cousin visiting time! Worked a bit, went out for dinner in rain (but the restaurant we went to was indoors, don't worry, oh and we did drive too), the rain from the remnants of Tropical Storm Andrea. Learned to play Dominion, I beat Jeremy but was beaten by Lillian.
Saturday - Got a decent bit of sleep again. Saw J&L off to their day's activities. Read, worked a bit. Drove to NJ to hang out with a friend for the evening, ate some extremely spicy curry. Drove back and got home before midnight.

And now it is time to go to bed again and get up for my last day in Philly. I can't believe it, it will be so weird to go home!

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