Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Second try

That is, my second try in getting this post published before the Internet decides to go under again!

It's a beautiful day, so don't expect too much today... the blue sky and sunshine and sound of a mower are calling me to hurry back outside! When I get back I think I'll take a nice, long walk. There is a long, tree-lined street with stretches of pavement and gravel on either side for pedestrians and bike-riders, and if you follow it far enough, you come to a park full of tall trees that are just beginning to burst all over with leaves. The system of paths is a little too regular and British for my taste, but that's nothing compared to the joy of being surrounded by green!

Finally, all the details for the trip seem to be cleared up. I may repeat the whole sad story when I get safely back. Who knows what exciting new developments may turn up in the meantime?

I did find out that it's not a plane I'm taking... it's an autocar (that is, a bus)... just another delightful incident in the history of Sharon's Stupidity... maybe that explains why the trip takes
some 12 hours during the night? I can imagine sleeping in a bus, I think... I hope. As long as it takes me to Germany.

Last Saturday my host mom wanted me to try using the bread mix she had bought with their bread machine. I decided it would be easier to do it by hand, which it was. I enjoyed kneading bread again, after two and a half months. Despite the mix and an oven that circulates heat much better than ours, the bread turned out! Now she would like to learn how to make bread from scratch. This will be fun!

Tomorrow Tae (a friend from class) and I are going to Besançon, an hour away by train. It's supposed to be a beautiful city with historic buildings. If the weather is as lovely as today, we'll have fun walking around and exploring.

I simply cannot sit on a chair indoors anymore! But, to make up, hopefully I will be posting links to lots of pictures in a few days, Thursday or Friday, when I make it back here.


votre chère maman said...

Wish I were there. BOY, do I wish I were there.....

Sharon said...