Tuesday, April 04, 2006


For some reason, April 4th does not appear among the dates of any of the Tuesday classes! So I guess that means we have the afternoon off, what a trial.

I neatly typed a nice little excerpt from Sartre's Les Mots, only to discover it won't copy onto this web page. I will write it out tonight to type tomorrow, along with my best attempt at the translation, which will in any case be better than Babel Fish's.

Today is another day of strike against the now-passed CPE. (Maybe that's why we don't have class... someone in the CIEF program is extremely visionary and knew this day was coming...) I don't know exactly what Dijon or its students have in the works. It's funny that the students of all but one high school in Dijon were protesting the CPE last week, and they went and blockaded the one high school left to prevent classes. Some middle school students are joining in. In any case, today is a good thing for my host dad. Even without any students, he has to get up at 5:30 and drive the two or so hours one-way (a little like Daddy!) to the college where he teaches - one of those formalities that I think they decided to pass today.

Please excuse me for not bringing more exciting and to-the-minute news reports. I'll try to visit Paris before all the fun is over! In any case, daily life continues and I have class in less than half an hour, so goodbye for now - happy Tuesday!

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