Friday, April 07, 2006

It's Friday again

I hope everyone has had a lovely week. It has been a pretty good week here too, except that it's not warming up much. Wednesday I walked to the university in something between rain and snow, worse than both because it's wet and cold. Poor little hands. But they're fine since they are typing today.

Just one more week of class and then vacation! Most of my work before then will be two projects due soon after - a dissertation and an oral presentation. Today will be an especially long day, with six hours of class (but four of those hours are just lecture) and then at 6:30 I am meeting M. Cricri, whom I think is the president of the mosque at Chenove (one of the Dijon suburbs). That is for my presentation on the Muslims in Dijon. Then another interview next Wednesday afternoon with the president of the third mosque (I already met with the president of the first), who also happens to direct the association of the Muslim Youth in France and is, I think, the representative for Burgundy in the CFCM (French Counsel of the Muslim Religion), a counsel which supposedly represents the Muslims on the political scene... but I have yet to hear that it does anything useful. And tomorrow, hopefully, I will be conducting a survey at la Place Fran├žois Rude to get the perspectives of French people. You can think of me - this project is a little intimidating, however quite interesting.

And I just finished reserving my train ticket for Germany, so now I can visit my two German friends: a graduate student who taught my first-year German class at Grace, and another graduate student who spent a year as a high school foreign-exchange student in the States and received Christ while attending our church. However, for some reason, the Deutsche Bahn site insisted on including "Iowa" after "Dijon" in the shipping address. Guess this is a good way to test the system!

The two latest successes? I can type my University of Burgundy password by memory now, and yesterday I survived eating a slice of quiche well-flavored with Dijon mustard.

Happy weekend!


Ma Hoyt said...

Dijon, IOWA ?

Oh, that is good :-D The Jim-Bob Report may have to invesigate....

Thainamu said...

Did I read you are going to Bremen? You should check out St. Matthew's chruch there. The pastor there is the father of a German exchange student we had live with us. It is an evangelical church (US, not German, definition of evangelical). I can get you more info if you need it. And don't forget to check out the Bremen Town musicians.

Sharon said...

Thainamu, that might be nice, but I am just flying into Bremen... my friend is picking me up to go to Oldenburg.