Thursday, April 13, 2006

One day to go

I type this from the well-beloved Wi-Fi space of La Maison de l'Université, where I can gaze out the window at beautiful and delicately nuanced gray skies, with my winter coat still on, after being indoors for nearly an hour... No wonder the French don't walk around smiling. Who would after such a long winter? I finally found the perfect word, frileuse (fem. form), an adjective meaning "who fears the cold and is very sensible to it". You will not hear a word of complaint from me all year long no matter how hot and sunny it is. Don't worry, I'm not risking much in saying that because the semester in Argentina starts right along with their winter.

But I should stop complaining because, apart from the weather, life is good. How could it not be with two weeks of vacation looming up?

Today our course of Written Expression was quite easy. We spent most of the two hours writing a page of dictation and then correcting it. That said, easy classes are not always the best when you have been up till about midnight the night before. I went to see Ice Age II with the group of Christian students that meets every Wednesday night. It was funny, not quite as good as the first, and now I would like to see it in English since I didn't catch all the little jokes. The two opossums are perhaps the most annoying animated creatures ever. Afterwards we went out for a drink. Don't worry, I didn't order a beer, just a peach juice, which was delicious after not much dinner. No, they didn't have anything normal like a hot chocolate... lots of alcoholic beverages and a couple of gigantic shake-like drinks.

I think I will head off to the library so I can concentrate on writing the fourth dissertation, which is due the first week after vacation.


Anonymous said...

"You got to see IceAge2!


Sharon said...

Yep, and I can't wait to watch it with the rest of you. :)