Friday, April 21, 2006

Adieu for a week

There, I added "Besançon" to the titles available under Photos on the sidebar. Let me know if you have problems viewing them. There are 3 pages total for this album, which unfortunately I had to title "Besanzon" because Photobucket is not very multilingual and doesn't accept the cedilla. I only added commentary where it seemed necessary (or amusing!). I'm sure you'd rather just view the pictures, and it takes a while to comment on 30-some photos.

Here's a very short video of the organ player in a cathedral at Besançon. Too bad I didn't catch any of the wilder parts.

Well, there is not much else to tell, except that I am shocked to discover what seem to be freckles on my hands - after one day in the sun at Besançon!

And tonight I leave around 11 p.m. on the autocar for Bremen. So I will say goodbye now before disappearing for a week... though I may have Internet access. We'll see. I'll take along my camera and absolutely flood you with photos when I get back. In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful last week of April and much sunshine and pleasant weather, which has finally found its way over to Europe... what a pleasure to be hot again!


Ma Hoyt said...

Wow...what gorgeous architecture.

The buildings look nice, too.

I especially liked:
-the cat in the window you suppose he speaks French?
-the turret with the witch's hat
-the flowers :-) particularly the one with elfin blue violas


mechcanoer said...

Hot again, I can tell that you have not stayed in East Texas much if any at all.

Sharon said...

We said hi to the cat and thanked him in French, but he was either too snobbish or too shy to answer us.
What witch´s hat?!
You know the flowers were for you, Mommy, right? :)

Maybe I should move down to Texas someday...