Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Didn't Do It

No, it was someone over at Computer Services (GCCS). Fall cleaning time came around and I got wiped from the system. Now, according to the campus network, I no longer exist.

I discovered this astonishing fact at 3:30 P.M. This is the time I start work in the language lab on Wednesday afternoon. This is also the time the GCCS helpdesk (and phone) closes. Fortunately, my professor placed a call that cheated the system and went through to someone in the mysterious rooms behind the helpdesk, where no student save the selectively inducted ITer has ever entered.

My existence should be re-established sometime today. In the meantime, my wonderful roommate is letting me use her identity to access the Internet.


?? chère maman said...

*looks over shoulder*

This simply has to be a sinister plot....of....scalar proportions.

Be careful.

*looks around again*

Be very, very careful.

(p. s. Now is the chance to go out and do something unorthodox. You can never be blamed because, after all, you don't exist.....)

Sharon said...

They cheated me out of half the experience... I didn't even know of my nonexistence till halfway through it. Otherwise, I could have enjoyed some real psychological trauma.

By the way, I'm back in existence!

Ardith said...

The helpdesk line closes at 3:30.

At LU, there was always someone manning the phones until midnight. With one of the full-time IT people on call, as well.

Sharon said...

See, Ardith, at LU they want to keep the computers serviced so the students can hole up in their rooms. Here at Grace, they conveniently close early so that we have to get out of our rooms and be a "community".

Yippee for us.

(I hope you pick up on my enthusiasm, 'cause I'm really trying to get it across.)