Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fall begins today

My roommate and I were walking back from supper and agreeing that it was there... the feel of autumn. Maybe a change in the wind after the drizzles this morning. I hope we have a long, long autumn this year.

Finally a free evening, free for scampering around in socks, doing laundry and studying two hours in a row! It doesn't get better than this.


Anonymous said...

Yes I love fall too. Just to give you an update on the job situatuation. Wed & Thurs I am a sub in the 1st grade roome at our local school. The teacher asked if I would be able to be a long term sub in this room due to some health issues of the regular aide. We will know more on Fri or Mon how her tests results come out and if she will be taking an extended leave of absents till her health gets better. Maybe cancer. I will try to let you know where things are as soon as I know. Janet
Do you have my blog??

Sharon said...

Thanks for the update and your address, Janet, I'm glad to know how to pray for you.