Thursday, July 18, 2013

heaps of stuff!

Well, I think this year I am going to beat last year's record. Last year I recall that I did not even leave the state of Indiana in the month of July... though I did every other month. This year I am going to California. Yikes!

Yes, a new work trip, I can't say I balked at all when the San Jose site asked me to come out for a few days. Have never been to California and am extremely curious and a little nervous about it. Will the air feel different? Will California smell weird? Will I fall over and pass out? Will the people speak the same language as me? Ok, I better stop. :)  haha!  Regardless I am looking forward to it, and I really hope this time I can avoid missing my connecting flight and showing up late at my hosts' home. How handy to have second cousins basically right in San Jose a few minutes from the airport!

the other grand bit of news is that I had an orthodontist checkup today and my orthodontist gave the go-ahead to schedule the last 4 appointments, which involves everything necessary to take the braces off. I have been saying for quite a while that I will actually be a little sad to lose the braces and lose my teenager identity, and yes I will be a wee bit sad about that, but now that they have said it is almost time, I am truly excited to have them off. Funny how that works. I guess you start looking forward to whatever you know is coming!

Right now it is 10:37 and we are sitting around waiting to see if the bible study group who basically all couldn't come at the regular time was serious about coming around 10:30 or if it was just a joke. It is so hard to tell with these people. I need faces to look at. And people to make the sarcasm sign if they are actually joking. But it's cool, a little time to hang out with Kendra and update the long neglected blog. But nobody has been complaining very vocally... That is, at all... So I must assume no one cares too much. Nevertheless I will try to do better!

Well, I better go brush my toophers and floss and all that good stuff, especially to impress my dentist tomorrow morning. He is going to be super excited to hear about my braces! Come to think of it, I will miss my orthodontist and all the techs there. My orthodontist has a standing joke about "this appointment is going to hurt" or "pull a little to make it hurt and she might bring it treats" because once it did hurt so bad I cried, and then I felt bad, and brought in brownies as an apology. Hahaha! Some great laughs over the last 2.5 years.

Happy Friday!!!

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