Friday, July 19, 2013

jumping back in history for a moment

Dear all,

When I went to the airport to leave Philly back in June I had some fun getting to my gate, so thought I would share... I typed this out back on the day it happened and never remembered to post it.

This afternoon my flight was at 6pm so I left my cousin’s house around 3:15. They only live 20 minutes from the airport. But here’s the story. First I set off toward what I thought was the nearest gas station, I just missed it apparently, after a couple minutes I put it in my GPS and circled back around to it. Then I pulled up on the wrong wide, the gas tank was on the other side. Then I could not figure out how to open the gas tank!! There was no fingerhole on the tank lid and no lever anywhere in the car…. So I had to Google that on my phone and it said to push the gas tank lid. I was so mad, I did it and it opened. But it was funny. Then I drove off to the airport. I missed one of the turns on that really big ridiculous traffic circle so I had to take a back way to the right road (my GPS rerouted of course), then I found myself at a 4-way stop on this new route between 2 Drexel police cars. I was slightly freaked out but laughed about it right away. Fortunately they weren’t with me long. Then there were cars stopped on the road I needed, got around them. Then there was one-lane construction ramp, finally got past it and to the airport. Then the lady took a while to figure out how to split my charge for the Avis rental. Then I had to wait for the bus. Then when I got to the airport they did very quickly check my 1 bag for me but security was a long line. Then I got almost all the way to my gate printed on my ticket and looked on a flight info board and it said it was a different gate on the other side of the airport! Before I went all the way down there I asked someone and they confirmed my 1st gate was right. I had to ask the lady at the gate too because the sign said it was going to San Juan Puerto Rico. That would have been a fun place to end up but I guess it’s just as well I went home. On the plane I sat next to a married couple so there wasn’t a lot of point in trying to talk although I did have to ask them about my seat belt which had a weird detachable part… hahhaha! They said I won the prize for having that. On the flight first I dozed for a while and then I read a book. Hmmm I had better stop talking, this is getting pointless to go through all the details. But it will make my blog post about these adventures much faster! Haha, sorry, that will be a repeat for you then. So anyway, I am in the right gate for my flight to South Bend and I shouldn’t miss it.

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