Saturday, July 13, 2013

time wants to run when you're having fun

How did a whole week run away and I did not notice?! 

Last weekend when I left you, we were jumping full swing into wedding preparations... I spent all afternoon helping with that (including cleaning a bathroom at our friend's house... which is really ironic since I almost never clean the bathroom here, dishes are my assigned chore), then we had the wedding rehearsal and dinner afterward at Hacienda, then we ran home to find KENDRA was here!! That was exciting. Then we ran out again for fireworks. Winona Lake fireworks were a slight disappointment in the length, I think they only lasted about 20 minutes, and we missed the first couple minutes. However they were very beautifully staged and delightful to watch. But the length was more than made up for the following night when we spent at least 30 minutes watching fireworks exploding right over our heads at the wedding reception. That was a great day and probably deserves its own post. I really hope someday I have the time to sit down and write all the things I should. Till then I will try to keep my readers updated while occasionally picking some adventures to describe in more detail.

The last week with Kendra here has been fun! I think we have done something fun every day. Basically. Fun on purpose I mean. Just hanging out with siblings is fun, you know. So many inside jokes and shared memories and total license to pick on each other... !

She did totally blow me away on Thursday with the news that she had passed her board exam which oh, by the way, she had taken on her way out here but had not told us!

Today the plan is to go shopping, because we need clothes. And we have tried the shops in Warsaw and they have not measured up to our needs, so we are going to go hit The Mall in Fort Wayne!

And then we have to come back and go to the last Masterworks concert of the season and.... etc.

Have a great Saturday!

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