Thursday, January 19, 2006

The state of today's university

I eagerly anticipate the culmination of my career as a college student- "identifying a location on a map". Only $80,000. Bet you never guessed inflation was that horrendous.


Radar said...

that article was a worthwhile read. and i do disagree with your light allegation that the article set "identifying a location on a map" as a benchmark for college education.
i do believe that i am capable of doing well all those items that the article mentioned. finally, i'm in the top 20% of something!!
what's your degree in? i spent that and more on my degree. by the way, a big part of it was spent on learning to identify a location on a map.

Sharon said...

Oh, of course, if you want to be precise, the article never set that as a benchmark, merely used it as an example of the "intermedate skills" of which students in college are capable. At least that's one skill I had before college.

My degree is International Languages -
French, German, and Spanish. Maps are certainly important to your field, less technically to mine too.

Radar said...

good point, Sharon. i humbly retract my inaccurate comment.