Thursday, January 12, 2006

From your loving sister

This one's for Jason. :)


Radar said...

wandered to you from a comment you made on Bekahia's site. find intruiging your statement that "one minute of sleep b4 midnight is worth 4 after midnight." my mom said the same thing subjectively; e.g., sleep before midnight is better than sleep after. But i've never heard that stated qualitatively. where did you learn that info?

Radar said...

and another note: about your comment to Bekahia about "semi-automatic mode", that is such good advice! i just graduated with a bachelor's (academically and socially, haha) and i know your philosophy would have worked really well. you're a bright mind.

Radar said...

yeah so now i wandered to your mom's blog and learned that your brother (?) Jason is going to my Alma Mater - LeTourneau. I was on 41 all four years, and I know the Slader (assuming he's the 41 Slader) to whom your mom spoke. If Jason is like you, he'll make a good 41er.
that's cool.

-Chirp, class of '05

amy said...

Hey! When do you take off for France? You will have to keep me updated on what you are doing over there! Hope you are having a good break! thanks for your post! Amy

Sharon said...

Let's see, should I call you Radar or Chirp? Thanks for your comments, nice surprise to get them. How do you know Rebekah?

That "1 before = 4 after" is just something I read in The Maker's Diet. I'm not sure how acurate it is, but it makes sense that we would sleep better during normal times of darkness.

Well, you're very kind, but "semi-automatic mode" springs more from survival instinct than a bright mind, I'm afraid. Better not to think too much during syllabus shock week.

Yes, Jason's my brother, off to LeTourneau this fall (hard for his two older sisters to believe). I don't know that he can select a floor within the dorm... he'll just have to wait and see. But it's good to hear your added recommendation of 41.

Sharon said...

Amy, I leave 28 January, a Saturday. Of course I'll be in touch. You can give me lessons on How To Live In Argentina!

Radar said...

thanks for the feedback, Sharon

Radar said... answer you, i know Bekah only through reading her blog and a little email correspondence. i browsed onto her site at random a couple months ago, and i'm glad i did.