Saturday, November 08, 2008

Which would you choose?

It's Saturday night. You are at a fall party, at a friend's house, with friends. You all pitched in for a potluck dinner, ate lots, and then played games that made you laugh till you cry and your stomach seriously hurts. It's now about 11 p.m. and a couple of the others, who need to spend the night anyway, want to put on a movie. You're invited to stay for the movie and even spend the night, and your housemate opts to stay for the movie.

Now if you drove separately, what would you do?

1) Stay for the movie


2) Go home and go to bed

[Update #1 - 11/9/08]

By popular demand, the abovementioned movie is Cinderella.

However, dear popular demanders, by asking that question, you're really avoiding the main one - "Would you ever choose a movie over sleep on a Saturday night?" No right or wrong here. I just find it fascinating to know what others would do.

[Update #2 - 11/10/08]

As requested - which Cinderella? Disney's Cinderella. You know, the one with the singing mice, blue ball gown, and "Bippity-boppity-boo".

Personally, as far as ranking Cinderella's goes:

3) Disney's
2) The color play
1) The black-and-white musical, with the Sound of Music lady and Mr. What's-his-face


Thainamu said...

I'd first consider how early I have to get up for church the next morning and how well I cope with less than the full amount of sleep. And whether I'd seen the movie before or not. Then I'd probably stay.

Wilson said...

How can I answer this question without knowing what movie it was?

Sharon said...

Oh well fine. I added the movie name.

Ma Hoyt said...

But WHICH Cinderella?

In truth, it would have to be something I liked, such as Sister Act or Master and Commander.

But in recent years, getting more rest has easily won out.

Unless your father was out of town. Then, I may as well stay up since I'd have trouble sleeping, anyway. Say, did I tell you that once when Daddy was up at Mayo I freaked out Kendra and Derek by watching Signs with them? And then later I watched it again with Jason and even he was a little creeped out?

I'm tellin' ya, that's the kind of family togetherness that just makes my day, month and year.

I would definitely stay up to watch Signs, again. I loved it and the whole "Mom wasn't as scared as the kids" feeling is pretty hard to beat.

Sharon said...

Okay, I can see I really dropped the ball for this question. Let me go update again to let everyone know WHICH Cinderella it was.

Yes, I remember you saying you had all seen Signs together, before you watched it with me. You may as well add another feather to your cap, 'cause watching that made me hurt from tensing up all movie long.

You know, Mommy, that's not very logical, is it - how you said I get my jumpiness from you, but you can watch Signs unscathed??

Ma Hoyt said...

Oh..."bippity-boppity boo."

I LOVED that and definitely would have stayed to watch.

As to your other question...when I was at the youth retreat I was in my teens and more easily "scareable."

Even in college I was still easily frightened. And while I wouldn't sit down today and watch gratuitous gore or films with a satanic theme, I've found real life can be much more unnerving than anything one experiences through the fictional media offerings.

Besides, I truly liked the overall message in Signs :-)