Sunday, November 02, 2008


I bet you all thought I forgot about this blog. Or was too busy to post. Or just didn't have anything to say.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. I have been thinking of it every day, I have time running out my ears, and the posting possibilities are just so many and varied that, frankly, it's taking all of that thought, time, and deciding power to select one.

Today is Sunday, so I have two notes from church:

1) Along with the bulletin, the church provided a handout - the Kosciusko County Right to Life 2008 General Election Voter Guide. It had a very detailed breakdown of what positions are held on life vs. abortion by the various candidates for state and local offices. I do appreciate this. I kind of wish there was a similar guide for other issues, but I realize that foreign policy is a tad less urgent at the local level, plus this is doubtless the issue which the (our) church feels most strongly about and, perhaps, feels it can provide literature on.

2) Pastor's sermon today was from John 6, specifically John 6:15-21 - when Jesus walked on the water. It was an excellent sermon, but I just about lost it during one part, where Pastor was speaking as if he was one of the disciples telling us the story:

"What do you do when a ghost is coming to your boat?"

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