Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dream come true

You are never going to believe this, but it's true.

I was called on at work to translate!

The phone rings... it is one of my friends in the department that handles documents and procedures. She had found out some time back that I know French. And on this particular day, she suddenly needed my help with the herculean task of translating


A few moments' mental rummaging pulled up the world she needed. To my delight, I realized we would not even need to translate the entire 2-letter word to get it into French. Just change the last letter to "u" (and not even a "u" with an accent, at that).


So I translated a whole letter from English to French. My dream finally came true. I was needed to translate at work!


Ma Hoyt said...

C'est exquis. Je suis très heureux pour toi, ma chère !

Ma Hoyt said...

Oh...and tell 'em next time you wannbe paid extra.

Sharon said...

Yeah! At the rate we've started, charging either by word or by minute would soon have money floating in a cloud around me.