Friday, August 11, 2006

Why not be optimistic?

"After all, let's remember that in the beginning was chaos. And if the crisis doesn't consume us first, the cosmos will impose itself sooner or later."

Isn't that amusing?

What fun to find that at the end of some dry sociological study after 11 p.m.!

The writer of the (non-included-above) article just got done explaining how Argentinians have some hope that their protest marches with saucepans will call attention to current employment difficulties. Right before the above quote he says, "The savage (and ephemerous?) music of the saucepans sometimes becomes chaotic and out of tune." (to explain the "chaos" bit)

By the way, I'm not really sure what he's talking about. I haven't seen anybody with saucepans. (or "casseroles" for that matter.) I assume the idea was 'no jobs, no food.'

In case you want to check the original Spanish:

La música salvaje (y efímera?) de las cacerolas resulta a veces caótica y desafinada. Pero recordemos que en el principio fue el caos. Y que si la crisis no nos consume antes, el cosmos se impondrá tarde o temprano.

(Notice the Spanish version of "sooner or later" is actually "later or sooner". Interesting, huh?)


Ma Hoyt said...

I'm pretty sure the author was referring to an intestinal virus making its way through a large family.

(which thankfully, has not happened for a while)

Sharon said...

I'm with you, Mommy! Anyway it's more fun to just throw out the context.