Monday, August 07, 2006

This won't be long

First: Derek's heart is back to a normal sinus rhythm. Praise the Lord who answered our prayers.

As the subject line announces, this won't be long because, for some reason, I did not get anything typed up for you over the weekend! What happened?

Friday: I went to a museum as homework (that was a real annoyance). In the evening two friends of Silvina and Emi came over for supper and TV and canasta and conversation, till about 1 a.m.

Saturday: I got up relatively earlier to hit the school's WiFi before 2 p.m., when the building closes. For the rest of the afternoon and evening we watched two movies, spent time with friends, and I made cookies for

Sunday:, when we got up to go work on the bathroom of a friend from church. Did some minor painting and some prepping of the walls and ceiling for more. Nice to keep in practice and help someone out. We got back home in time to get ready for church that evening.

Now I'd better go study before my 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. class, since a friend may be coming over to visit this evening. Everyone stay out of trouble and enjoy your August heat!

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