Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Today was the day planned for the London-U.S. flights.

As they love to say on NBC's Today, "on a much, much lighter note", today also marks the first full month in Argentina. Three more to go!

Instead of the French double-cheek kiss, the greeting here is a single, usually on the right side. This beso is used to saludar not just friends and family but almost anyone you talk to (except the locutorio worker and other business situations, of course...), and is given on meeting and on departing. Sunday is a good practice day, with a minimum of 20 or 30 people. Yesterday was too, since it was Silvina's birthday...

When I got back from class at 9:30 p.m., she was still at the birthday party with her family. Emi had returned around 9:00, and we both ate supper while watching one of our favorite novelas. I am pretending not to like it because it's mostly just a bunch of stupid relationships... however, much funnier now that I understand more. Soon Dardo (a friend from church) came over with a present for Silvina and stayed since we expected her back soon. When she did arrive, her mother and aunt and cousin came along with her to visit for a few minutes. Soon after they left, Ale (Emi's novio) showed up. The five of us chatted a while and then Dardo left. Silvina and I were about ready to go to bed when Noellia and Ramón (Noellia's novio), more good friends, dropped in for a visit. Some of us then hit the sack around 1 p.m. However, it didn't matter for me since I don't have classes today.

Tomorrow is my day to give a 15-minute presentation in Spanish class. My professor left the topic up to me, so I eventually decided to briefly describe the homeschooling movement in the States and our family's own experience.

I have exciting news. Well, it may not be exciting for you, but it is for me. My brain is treading water in the stream of Spanish comprehension!... now it's generally a minority of words, phrases, expressions that go underwater.

The great disappointment to counteract this occurred on Sunday afternoon, during a trip made to Carrefour in pursuit of the same cheap dark chocolate (Carrefour brand, 74%) that I found in France. Apparently the store here stopped carrying it recently because it was not popular enough.

What?! I could have kept up their sales with at least 6 bars a week. Why couldn't they have hung on a couple more months till I got here?

There's another brand here, but it's a little more expensive and only 60%.

Well, just so I don't end with the sad news, here's some more good news: next Monday is a holiday. That means no sticking it out 6 hours at the university and a no-guilt sleep-in!

Till the next time, thinking fondly of you all!


tu cara mamá said...

Ah, c'est bon, ma chère. Cette español est tres facile, non?

Et penser, je jamais vu la tranlatier pour cette phrase, là. C'est incredible, non?

Ah oui, votre chère maman est trop humble ....

Sharon said...

Quel plaisir de lire ton francais, maman, je le comprends bien!