Thursday, June 08, 2006

Party pictures!

First, la pique-nique after our last class together on Friday (which happened to be Grammar):

What a spread!

Everybody (mostly) digging in.

Second, la grande fete Friday night of the three classes of Niveau 5 and one class of Niveau 3 (because we all had the same professor).

Our table

Group of four; left to right: Korakan, laosien, whose camera is responsable for all these fine pictures; Isabelle, notre chère professeur; Tina (seated), franco-danoise, and the other Isabelle, a student this time, canadienne.

Three of us: me, Tae (japonaise, a very good friend), and Korakan.

Bigger picture

Another group picture: Korakan, me, Tina, and Sarah - the other student from Grace at Dijon.

Yep, that's me, the party girl. I was laughing so hard while they made me hold the champagne glass and the wine bottle!

And this was Wednesday night after all the exams and a theater production put on by our friends, including Korakan: Tina, me, Tae, and Korakan.

Hope you enjoy. :)

(and hope you don't have too many problems, i.e. getting back to the blog page from the pictures - sorry, I don't know how to fix that)


votre chère maman said...

I had no problems viewing the pictures and getting back to the blog page.

(if there were any blips, it must have been Blogger's fault)

Ardith will see you in 45 hours and we'll see you in 65...


Sharon said...

Wow, you've counted up the hours! Can't wait. :)