Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Super Tuesday

Oops, I said I was going to post more often, didn't I?

Originally I had four papers due today: one seven-pager, two three-pagers, one twenty-pager. But last week our professor gave us more time for the twenty-pager, so I'll take a couple days to polish that one off. The seven-pager I edited and finished on the way home for Thanksgiving, the one Spanish three-pager I wrote (mostly) at home, the other French one I typed up this morning. Not bad. I know some have a much heavier load than I do.

In other news, how interesting. I'm especially concerned about that 2% income reduction.

(Of course, they left out the most interesting part. The caption on the Health page reads, "Growth hormone levels' 'IQ link': Scientists suggest they have found a reason why some shorter children perform less well at school.")


Bekah said...

"I know some have a much heavier load than I do."

My neighbor, Anna, announced when she came back from break that there were 16 days left until Christmas break and she had 16 projects and exams. Thankfully, my load is the typical we'll-be-nice-to-the-freshmen load, so I have much less than that! Glad you made it to Iowa and back safely. :-)

Sharon said...

Thanks, Rebekah, that really puts it into perspective.

votre chère maman said...

Well, ma chère, I wouldn't worry too much about the shortness factor...I mean, you make more than I do RIGHT THIS MINUTE, despite being shorter than I.

I AM curious as to why you didn't link the health article, directly..... Short-sighted thinking, perhaps?

"Yuk, yuk, yuk"

(sorry, there is just too much of Grandpa Baker in me :-)

Sharon said...

What? I did link it. Didn't you click on interesting?

votre chère maman said...

Well....um.....all I can say is, the FIRST time I clicked on it, it took me to the home page, and then I had to hunt for the article.

Probably a temporary glitch.

Or, perhaps your brother has been messing with your blog, again...