Sunday, November 06, 2005

The ceremony

Precisely a little after 2:00 p.m., all 17 of us filed into Ashman Chapel for the Alpha Chi induction ceremony. Dr. Dilling read our names, one by one. Each of us walked up the aisle, lighted our little candle at a larger one on the table, turned to face the audience and recited the following pledge: "I pledge myself to uphold the purposes of Alpha Chi, striving to make its ideals my ideals in scholarship and in service." The little cardboard candle holders could double as cheat sheets. I didn't write mine down and only suffered one six-second panic attack as I was waiting to walk up and couldn't recall the verb after "I... " Commit? Give? Dedicate? Thankfully, it hopped back into my mind just in time.

After reciting the pledge, each of us walked over to sign the register and shake several hands (including President Manahan's) while hearing our respective advisors say nice things about us. We lined up in the back, everyone recited the Alpha Chi motto You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free; then after applause we were allowed to sit down and hear the address. My wonderful Professor Schram was the speaker this year. Afterwards they had us all get on the podium for pictures. It was very odd to stand up there and see several cameras flashing at once.


Thainamu said...

After reading your post, I looked up President Manahan on your college website, and sure enough, he's the same guy I had as a prof at the Bible College I attended about 100 years ago (Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music). I liked him then, but honestly, I can't even remember what class I took from him.

Anonymous said...

Wow Sharon that's awesome. You got a taste of standing infront of a crowd. Have a good week!

Sharon said...

Such a small world! I'm glad you told me, Thainamu.

Well, Andrew, it really wasn't much of a crowd - just a high concentration of cameras (and family) therein.

votre chère maman said...

Any chance of family not there getting a picture?

Give them my email....:-D

Sharon said...

Oh yeah, pictures! I'll get you some.