Saturday, November 05, 2005

Homecoming ain't nothin' like home

Tonight was Homecoming at Grace. Six of us girls dressed up and walked to the cafeteria to eat by candlelight... I mean, by lighthouses and Chinese lanterns (that would make more sense if you knew that this year's theme was nautical and last year's theme was Oriental). We enjoyed our conversation over a two-course dinner, then trekked down the hill to Rody Auditorium for the variety show, which was, as usual, low in talent but high (relative to person observing, anyway) in comedy. Hmm, I just realized that they never announced a winner! They did show off the Homecoming Court of popular-people-on-campus and crown a king and queen. What do you know, the Student Body President was the king. Afterward we finally got out of the auditorium and went back to the cafeteria and stood in line to get our dessert. After two experiments, I've discovered that chocolate and chai are an especially effective combination for my stomach.

My absolutely favorite part of the whole evening? Coming back to our quiet little dorm room. The others went off to go rollerskating till around curfew (1 a.m.), so I have the room all to myself. Whew. I was starting to feel the effects of people shock.

Why look forward to these 'social events', only to rejoice in getting away from them?

Posting will be more frequent after this. That's a promise.


Loren said...

People Shock. That's a great term. Exactly how I feel at times, and apparently your mother too. Wonder how you come by that trait?

votre chère maman said...

*wishes I could be there tomorrow*

Sharon said...

I'll post about it tomorrow.

Thainamu said...

You are completely normal.* We all need both time with people and time alone.

*If you're just like me, isn't that normal?