Sunday, November 13, 2005

Can it already be Sunday night?

I should post again before the weekend completely disappears. It has been a good week and a good weekend. Plenty of time to work on projects and relatively little sleep deprivation.

This week promises to be busier. Besides the usual round of work, classes, and meals, I have church directory pictures on Monday night, a French movie on Thursday night, a Spanish class to teach for Professor Navarro on Friday, and French Optimist Club Friday night.

Thanks to a well-chosen prize for a scavenger hunt and a lovely box from church family at home, my chocolate drawer is well-stashed. I should have enough to write two 9-page papers and a 20-page paper and a speech before Thanksgiving Break.

More important than all that, though - praise the Lord for His goodness!


votre chère maman said...

You are teaching a Spanish class??

*is proud*

It makes all those hours I drilled you on vocabulary worth it.

:-D :-D

OK, I was kidding. (about the drilling, not about beng proud :-)

Ardith said...

Hrm. Personally, I'm more interested in this "French Optimist Club." What are y'all optimistic about, anyway?

The existence of the French? The likelihood of French Toast ultimately winning out over pancakes? The existence of French Optimists?

Er, nevermind. I looked it up on Google. It seems to be somewhat related to other Optimist Clubs in Indiana. And after reading The Optimist Creed, I just have to wonder: does this bit about giving 'every living creature you meet a smile' include crickets?

Sharon said...

Hah. hah. hah.

It's a well-known and well-laughed fact in the club that "French Optimist" is a complete oxymoron.

Do you know, Ardith, before I even finished your comment, I followed your link and read the creed, and as soon as I read that "give every living creature you meet a smile" exhortation, I thought of you. I thought of how you'd sneer at it. And it never even occurred to me to consider applying it to crickets.

I don't care too much about the creed. I'm just there for the French language.

And for your information, there are Optimist Clubs worldwide. Ours was the first French one in the U.S. and the Canadian president (of the clubs, not the State) came down to speak at our opening ceremonies.

Ardith said...

What can I say? There was so much material there, it was pointless to resist...