Friday, May 24, 2013

return to Iowa

Sorry guys, I think I forgot to post yesterday. Not that anyone cares, right? Nobody can read a blog post every day!

It was quite a day yesterday, finished by packing for TODAY - the wonderful drive home to Iowa! The first time since Christmas! Today was a 6-hour road trip to my brother's house. I thought I would share a few special moments:

-First of all, the whole trip seemed to whiz by in my shiny new red car. Even the gas tank thought it whizzed by, it just kept sitting there at 200 miles left, then about 400 miles once I decided to stop and fill it since I needed to stop for a break and water anyway.

-At some point in Illinois I swear I saw a helicopter divebomb toward the ground ahead. I was horrified and kept looking around for it as I got closer. Suddenly it zoomed up out of the trees and over the nextdoor field and I saw it was a cropduster. I was not happy with it for freaking me out. Seriously those crop dusters are insane, they swoop and zoom right over the fields and the highway. Somebody is going to die, if only from a heart attack from seeing it.

-There was one narrow escape in Iowa where a red-winged blackbird (I think?) was swooping around over the highway, it was close but it got out of the way in time.

-I managed to not stop once in Illinois and this was super funny at the time. I guess because both Indiana and Iowa are my homes, I have to be just a little biased against Illinois.

-I did have to turn around twice once getting to Cedar Rapids because I got so excited about cruising in my car... and/or so glad that those slow people were finally turning left that I didn't realize i was supposed to turn left too...

There was probably something else to share but I forget what it was. Getting sleepy and tomorrow is the big day when my sister graduates from her physician's assistant program!

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