Thursday, May 30, 2013

A few hours in the life of Sharon-about-to-go-on-a-trip

It is not even funny how much you can get done the night before you have to fly out for a week, even if you hate procrastination! I don't think it was procrastination... I think it was timely pleasant stress.

I was so mindblown by how much got done that I just had to share :)  even if this is super boring. And all on 4.5 hours of sleep!

7:30am to 5pm: put in a full day of reasonably stressful work

5pm to 7:30pm:
-stopped by the orthodontist to pick up more rubber bands
-went to TJ Maxx to get a bigger piece of luggage to check (on sale for about half price. All I had before was my faithful R2-D2 baggage that was just a bit too big to carry on but not nearly full size. So a while back I bought my first piece of carry-on-able luggage... and now the real deal!)
-went to the shoe store and bought a pair of sneakers (my first pair I'd had for probably 9 years, went with me through college, to France and Argentina, etc. etc., and was bought at Goodwill to begin with...).  And a pair of sandals (my 2nd real lasting pair in my life and a bit snazzier)
-went to a SECOND shoe store and bought a pair of silver heels! just little ones.
-went to JC Penney and picked up my bridesmaid dress that I'd had to order because no store closer than 2 hours away had it, and whew! it turned out to be just the right size! :)
-on the way home suddenly remembered I needed pills and stopped by WalGreen's
-on the way out of WalGreen's suddenly remembered I needed real and decent food to eat even just for 2 more meals, and ran to the grocery store
-on the way out of the grocery store realized I might possibly need gas before driving to AND back from the airport on a late Sunday night to come... but my errand productivity had hit its limit and I refused to stop and fill up the half tank even though it was right there. I mean seriously. Who gets gas at half a tank??

7:30pm to 10:00pm:
-began packing, basically now done with it all
-managed to eat some decent food for supper (sliced carrots, cooked an egg)
-washed the dishes
-took out the trash
-called one of my hotels next week to re-arrange the schedule
-washed out a new blouse

And that may be it. It felt like a lot more. I really hope that list impresses everyone!

And maybe I will get to bed before midnight tonight.

Hope you have had all had a Thrilling Thursday and will have a Fabulous Friday tomorrow!!

~credits and thanks to Ray Sloss my colleague who likes to call the days of the week like that~

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