Wednesday, May 22, 2013

oh to be a barber

---by the way: I apologize for the outdated pictures and links and stuff on this blog, I will fix that as soon as I have the time and energy---

Today I am not sure if I have any adventures to relate,  but I did want to say, isn't it so wonderful to have a hair stylist or barber who knows you well and is your good friend? So much better than going into one of these salons or cheapo quicko places. I have a friend who cuts hair in a little shop off her house, I met her when we both went on a missions trip to Guatemala, and now she is definitely my hair cutter (is that a term? well who cares!). Such a cozy little place and I can talk to her about anything, she is my adopted mom (well one of several!), and she probably knows more about my family and I about hers than you would ever expect from people who haven't actually met each other's families... What a total stress relief to go after a long interesting day at work, and unwind, and get prettier in the process, hee hee!

Anyway, (1) I wish you could all have that fabulous relaxing experience, (2) wouldn't it be fun to be a barber or hair stylist and have decent-length conversations and friendships with that many people,what fun! But actually cutting people's hair without ruining it for them would probably stress me out.

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