Monday, December 31, 2007

The Very Last Birthday in the Year

Happy birthday to Jason! - who left the 'teens forever on 30 December.

(The following photos and message have not been approved by Jason.)

Photos -

[There has been a technical error. There are no official photos of Jason.]

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Jason's birthday, from Mommy's blog.

Words of polite commentary...

"What an unmitigated piece of junk!"

"I don't call that 'sprawling suburbs'. I call that an irresolute housing development."

...and words to eat later...

"Ardith prides herself on thinking she can cook."

Next to Daddy, Jason has probably put in the most work on the house. He's even now out in the garage, spending part of his Christmas break at helping Daddy to put up the wood sheeting that will finally permit complete and total garage insolation! What a milestone that will be.


Thainamu said...

I like the new family photo here. And I've just read your mom's family Christmas letter too, with another nice photo. Will you be staying on with your current job a while longer?

Best wishes for a wonderful 2008! God bless!

Sharon said...

Thank you, Thainamu, and Happy New Year to you!

I like having my whole family on my blog too. :)

At this point, the current job will last till the end of January. You know as much as I do about what will happen in February!