Monday, December 31, 2007

Ethan's birthday!

Happy birthday to Ethan, who turned 11 on 17 December!

Photos -

Mommy has pictures of Ethan's birthday here.
Ethan has such a talent for fantastic faces! Just look at this and this.

Words of encouragement...

Melinda: "Nolan! This is a big day! You lost your first tooth! Now go look in the mirror."
Ethan: "You'll see a lot of blood."

Ethan (to Carolyn, the horse lover): "What can horses do? They could make you lose your lives, even!"


Ethan: "I know what I was born for! To be loud!"

...and wisdom...

Ethan (describing the laundry he carted down the stairs): "It was 2 feet by 2 feet, compacted-"
Kendra: "Really."
Ethan: "-like 500 clothes in 1 square foot!"

...and wheedling...

Ethan: "Carolyn, Melinda and I want to do something with you."
Carolyn: "What is it?"
Ethan: "It's a cree-tlimb -- a tree-climbing contest."
Carolyn: "How about we just climb trees for fun?"
Sharon (nailing in the garage roof above them): "You know, Ethan, that might result in..."
Ethan: "What, Sharon?"
Sharon: "Never mind. I changed my mind."
Ethan: "Come on, Sharon, what did you say?"
Sharon: "I didn't say it, so I don't have to finish it."
Ethan: "Come on, Sharon! Say it!"
Sharon (laughing helplessly): "Ethan!"
Ethan: "Come on, Sharon! Ple-e-e-ease?!?"
Sharon: "Ethan, do you know how tired it makes me to laugh on an empty stomach?"
Ethan: "Sharon, p-l-e-e-e-ea-s-e?! Please?"
Carolyn: "Ethan, stop acting like a baby."

But of course he wasn't, he was just being his cheerfully and loquaciously persistent self.

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