Thursday, July 27, 2006

Weird weather

Yesterday afternoon Amy came over to visit. After making those famous chocolate oatmeal things (no-bakes for you uninitiated) we started playing Phase 10. An odd banging noise. Another. Was someone throwing rocks at our windows? Then more and more, so we walked over and discovered it was hailing. Pretty soon it was making a horrible racket since part of Silvina's roof is some relation of tin. It was so loud we could just barely hear enormous blasts of thunder overhead. Afterwards a neighbor knocked on our door to find out if our roof was broken. No, just dented, with paint chip dust all over the dining room and almost on our precious cookies. Here are three hail photos in the little corridor in our apartment area. Three hands holding hail: the man sweeping it up, me, Amy.

This was the first time some Argentinians had seen hail in their entire lives!


votre cara mamá said...

WOW. Those look bigger than golf balls.

Is it too late to ask you to freeze a couple to bring home?

Thainamu said...

Sharon, glad to see you made it to Argentina and have gotten settled. Are you mixing French up with Spanish? We just got back late last night from 10 days in Honduras. My latent Spanish came to the surface on several occasions and I actually completed a couple full sentences. May God give you a blessed semester.

Sharon said...

Well, Mommy, it is a little late, and some of them were bigger than golf balls... one of the guys interviewed on the news was holding up his fist.

Thank you, Thainamu. I'm glad y'all had a good trip and you could use some Spanish! Yes, I do mix French in occasionally, before more by accident, now more by way of trying to make up the vocabulary I need.