Saturday, July 15, 2006

Summer vacation

I'm at Ardith's for the weekend and we're having a blast. Bet you'd never guess in a million years what we're doing.


votre chère maman said...

a) You're teaching her French

b) She's teaching you C++

c) You're both in the kitchen making gourmet foods

d) Playing multiplayer games

e) Watching movies in Spanish

f) you're encouraging her to blog more often

Are any of these close?

Anonymous said...

Somehow I get the sense that it's something more startling than those.


Sharon said...

Well, Mommy, you were getting closer with two of those, if that helps any.

Wilson said...

Gutting fish.

Raising money for charity.


Distilling perfumes.

Chasing boys.

Treeing bears.

Discussing the weather.

Signing autographs.

votre chère maman said...

OK, I can see I've been too conservative...

a) Gutting Spanish fish

b) Gutting French fish

c) Gutting German fish

d) Enlisting in the Marines

e) Tweaking Ardith's resumé so it'll look more attractive when she applies to Microsoft Industries.

Thainamu said...

She's writing a program to review Spanish vocabulary while you're frying up a batch of plantains.

Sharon said...

I'm probably talking it up too much 'cause all your ideas are getting farther and farther off. But you're coming up with some really good ones! Looks like everyone wants us to gut fish or do some kind of weird cooking (notice I can spell 'weird' correctly).

Barrel-riding? Treeing bears? Is this some kind of commentary on how Iowa hicks live? Chasing boys? You should know better, Wilson. Well, I've been tweaking her resume, Mommy, but not for her. And I'm afraid there's very little Spanish involved.

Anonymous said...

Probably it has something to do with going to the movies.


Sharon said...

You're almost on it, Kendra.