Tuesday, August 06, 2013

the latest news in this neck of the woods

Hi all,

There has been a lot happening, it is time for an update!

First of all, yesterday when I got home from work I glanced in my driver's side mirror and what do you think I saw?? A spider had spun a little web right in the mirror! Of all the NERVE!! I can't imagine how it survived my efficient driving and turns... It is a pretty little guy and I have not bothered to remove him yet. Her I mean. All spiders that spin webs are girls right?

Kendra is here and we are watching a lot of movies in the evening. Well, sometimes. It is a great way to bond, by reacting to the movie and to the other's reactions to the movie.

I had a party with my Sunday School class last Saturday. They are 1st and 2nd graders. There were 5 kids who came and it was so much fun, as it always is, also quite wild. Even though I had them sit on the floor there was still a considerable amount of food and drink spilled. We had lunch and went on a trek through the nearby wilderness (the tree farm etc.) and blew up balloons and played balloon tag and then the boys carried on a good violent balloon fight which I extricated myself from in order to make the puppy chow with the girls. And then they made animals and eyeglasses and things out of pipe cleaners while I finished up the puppy chow. Then we sat around and ate as much as we had time for, before going out for a water gun fight. Which quickly became a water fight that included cups of water being thrown at people, mostly of course Miss Teacher. It was a blast! And then I sent baggies of puppy chow home with them. 4 hours goes very very fast on an action-packed Saturday afternoon. It probably took me longer to clean up than it took me to clean in preparation, but it was very much worth it. I kind of love the barely controlled chaos of kids running around. Of course I am used to having the ages a little more spread out, if they are all the same age that makes it a bit more wild.

And now I am getting ready for my 4th smart phone in 1 year, have to go with a new carrier since U.S. Cellular is getting bought out by Sprint in this region. So there you go, time for AT&T and a new phone (can't transfer phones though you can phone numbers, how dumb) as soon as I can get all the pictures uploaded off my camera, which is currently blazing along at the blinding speed of about 40 pictures uploaded a day, out of 889 total.... Maybe I will just go into the store and see if they can help me quickly get that done. I cannot sit around letting slow stuff hold me back from the future!

And besides that, tonight I have to make cookie bars for my colleague who is moving to another area of the building. And have to go shopping for the chocolate chips for those. And I wanted to watch my first episodes ever of E.R., with Kendra. And also wanted to go to bed early and get some work done. It's 6pm and I still have to take my run before getting to that. How likely do you think that is? Well I'll just have to jump in and see how far I get.

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