Monday, August 19, 2013

happy Monday

Dear all,

It feels like a normal summer weekday. For a few more days, until the NEXT TRIP hits!! Philly in 3 more days.

In the meantime though, there is not much to report. The latest adventures have been pretty normal... Staying up late on weekend nights... hanging out with friends... backing into a trailer hitch... pretty much the usual. I should probably share some pictures of that last event. It was a nice clean punch at least, right into my brand-new race-red bumper. Poor Cherry! She is a trooper though. She continues to happily zip around, enjoying the road, as I do. We are extra cautious about zipping backward though.

In other more momentous news, I believe my family is about to hit a milestone... in another day or two there will be ONLY boys at home. Plus Mommy of course. The last girl is going to college... Carolyn, the one like me. :)  In fact there are going to be 3 Iowa Hoyts at LeTourneau this year, yikes. They may form a club, a conspiracy, or just end up finding the whole campus plastered with posters about how cool they are as I believed happened a while ago. In any case, I am expecting to hear about some major momentous moments from down there and I am planning to go down and visit them sometime to help out! Hee hee.

Today was the first day I can remember talking to someone on the phone who was practically yelling at me. It was quite an experience. I managed to mentally distance myself from it, for about 20 seconds. 

Oh yes, I should add that I do have a new phone, it is a gorgeous Samsung Galaxy III that makes the coolest sounds. I could sit there and listen to the sounds all day. The water sounds when it goes to sleep and wakes up, the swishy sounds when you unlock it, best of all the bird chirp sound when I get texts or emails... I mean how much better does life get??  Sometimes though I have to admit I am slightly confused about whether that was nature or my phone.

Wishing you all a happy Monday evening,


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