Sunday, September 13, 2009

Help me decide?

I need some excitement in my life. Can y'all help me pick a new language to learn?

No pressure. You won't affect the serious projects of Chinese and Arabic. This one is just for fun. And there so many to pick from, it's very difficult to decide.

*some other African language (hmm, I don't know many by name... Swahili, Ffoldi, Bantu...?)
*Italian or Portuguese
*a native American language

I'll warn you that I'm leaning towards Welsh, but always open to suggestions.


Ma Hoyt said...

Welsh! Welsh!

And if it's any help, I have an Irish dictionary (Goodwill!), which I thought contained the Celtic language...

Wilson said...

I like the idea of Welsh. But you should go with Dutch. Because the Netherlands is the awesomest country in Europe except for Switzerland.

Luke & Rachel said...

Um, Sharon, this is Rachel, and you kind of forgot the language spoken by one of the largest land masses in the world... and maybe the people who help take over the world in the next several years. You might want to learn RUSSIAN. :) Hehe And besides, with Russian, you'll tap into numerous other languages. For example, w/ Russian, you can also read Ukrainian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Croatian, etc. And you can understand bits of Polish, Czech, Belorussian, etc. It's like a must have foundational language, if you can see what I'm saying.

Sharon said...

Mommy: Oh yes - Irish, Celtic and Welsh are definitely all the same!

Wilson: Why is the Netherlands the second awesomest country in Europe?

Rachel: Rachel speaks! I completely see what you're saying about foundational. Funny, I just got told by Switzerland that Russia and China are the power languages of the near future.

Ma Hoyt said...

Power, schmower.

What if the Druids rise again?

What if you're not ready?


What then....?

Wilson said...

All I can tell you, Sharon, is to visit and see for yourself. If spending a few days in the Netherlands (countryside as well as city) doesn't reveal this to you, then there's nothing I can do to help.

Sharon said...

"What if the Druids do rise again?" Yikes, what a thought, Mommy!

Wilson, all you can tell me? How about show me? I can't rely on you as a credible source unless you have pictures to prove you were in the Netherlands.

rita said...

I just discovered your blog post and language-learning question.
If it is not too late, I recommend you learn Euskera, the language of the Basque country. It is unrelated to any other and they are an unreached people group.
We participated in Summer in the USA program of the Impact Basque ministry by hosting a teenage girl for a month. It is sort of like a mutual adoption. We hope to go over there next spring, si Dios quiere. The long term goal is a living fellowship of believers in the Basque country.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest Welsh, or maybe Tolkien's Elvish. Who knows? Learning one might help you with the other.

-Derek Hoyt