Monday, September 07, 2009

Five-Sentence Stories with a Moral

Once upon a time there lived a princess in a far-away land. Because the land was so very far away, the king knew it would take long enough for his daughter's Prince Charming to show up, let alone slay the dragon, and so he suggested to the princess that she take care of the dragon herself. She liked the idea very much and immediately befriended the dragon, built a home for it and visited it every day. Finally the prince arrived and slew the dragon - seeing as how he had not been informed to proceed otherwise. The distraught princess refused to marry the man who had slain her friend, which left her father with no heir to the throne, which upon the king's death did force the far-away land to become a republic.

Moral of the story: Be careful how you use idiomatic expressions.


Wilson said...

Moral of the story: dragons are hot.

Anonymous said...

Fraught with humor, Sharon.

-Derek Hoyt

Sharon said...

Derek, I'm so honored to have your assessment! It was pretty over the top, wasn't it?

Wilson - ha ha. Ha. But I'm all for open derivation of morals.

Lisa said...

Moral of the story: dragons are hot.